How to become one of the Elitebet jackpot winners in Kenya?


Are you ready to become the next Elitebet jackpot winner? If yes, that means that you are already halfway there. In this article, we will tell you about the mega jackpot that the bookmaker has prepared for the luckiest of its clients. Don’t even doubt it, it is definitely possible to become one the millionaires in Africa, you just have to believe it and give it a try.

With the Elitebet bonus everything is possible to achieve with the help of your mobile device. Believe us, the chances of winning are there, we can guarantee it, but the fact is that to reach the win amount is not as easy as it may seem. If you tried out to play any of the Elitebet login today games, you must have noticed that it is pretty difficult to win.

Especially for your curious minds, we looked up the charts with the winners of today and yesterday. So, the biggest jackpot amount was granted to Samual Abisai and the amount totaled in Ksh 221 million. The second in size goes Ahmed Ali with a total of 41 million. Bear in mind that in order to get the jackpot you mustn’t guess correctly all of the 17 football matches.

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Get registered and enjoy Elitebet jackpot games

Elitebet jackpot games

You may be wondering what the process of getting in the game is? Truth be told, there are a couple of ways available for you to get registered. You can open the official elitebet website, get the Elitebet app, which can get downloaded both on an Android and IOS device, but you must have a Google Play account.

So, in order to get a chance in winning the Elitebet jackpot games, select one of the registration paths and follow it to become one of the elitebet members and make a deposit:

  • Mpesa. Open Mpesa and go to the main menu. From there you should select one of the paybill options. It the field you should insert these numbers – 850700. Look carefully at the name of the account, it will say Elitebet. Write the desired amount with which you want to make the deposit and enter your account details and wallet’s password. Now press the confirmation button and you are all set.
  • Airtel. From your phone number dial *185# and select the Payments section and get redirected to the Betting and Gaming page. Click on Elitebet jackpot analysis and make sure that the payment reference is WEB. Type in the amount of the deposit, the Airtel password and press the confirmation button.
  • MTN. From your phone number dial *185# and select the Payments section and get redirected to the Lotto and Sports Betting page. Click on Elitebet and make sure that the payment reference is WEB. Type in the amount of the deposit, the Airtel password and press the confirmation button.

If you choose to place a deposit through MTN or Airtel, after you complete the process described above, wait a couple of minutes to get a confirmation text message (SMS) with your password. This process is not a long one, it takes usually 1-2 minutes. When log in you will use your mobile number as the username and the password from the text message.

The following ways of cashout are available on Elitebet bookmaker website:

  • Internet. Choose your favorite browser (we recommend Opera). Go to the sign-in online site and type the login details, which comprise of your mobile number and the password that you have received previously in the text message. Click on View Account History and find the Withdraw button. In the blank field type in the amount that you want to cash out and press Submit. The cash will be delivered to your personal Mpesa account immediately.
  • Text message. It is possible only when you use the same mobile number that you went through the registration process with. Send a text message to the number 29210 with the following text – W 2500. The letter W is short for withdrawing and the number that goes after the letter is the sum that you want to cash out. If you are wondering how much is exactly left on your account, send a text message to the same number with Balance typed in it.
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Make a correct Elitebet jackpot prediction

Elitebet jackpot prediction

The completed Elitebet jackpot analysis has proved that the registration process is very easy with the Elitebet bookmaker. With Elitebet get in the game, you will never be sorry. Remember the rule of the Elitebet jackpot analysis – to win the jackpot you must go through the rounds correctly.

If it happened that there are more than 1 winner, the sum of the prize will be divided between the winners. So it is best if fewer people win because in such a way the jackpot amount will be higher.

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Elitebet livescore charts

As you already know, the chances of becoming an Elitebet jackpot winner are real and after the Elitebet jackpot analysis that we have conducted, you will know how to win it. The best tips are: open the website, watch a football match, write down the scores, make a prediction for the next game and enjoy.

The easy way is to get the live midweek Elitebet livescore. You can even download it on your phone so that it will always be with you and you will be able to check it out anytime that you want. This is a very nice feature that allows you to keep track of the week football matches and predict a possible result for future matches.

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Find out the Elitebet jackpot results

If you are a lucky person that is also a football fan, you have all of the chances of becoming an Elitebet jackpot winner. The easiest way to know the up-to-date money results is to check the scores daily on your device or laptop.

Also, you can download the elitebet application so that the best bet bookmaker will be always with you.

Along with the tip apk, you will also get:

  • Mobile-friendly site
  • An option of receiving prediction by the help of a text message
  • Game analysis
  • Best odds.

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