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Nowadays, a mobile phone is the most helpful device in our everyday busy lives. Moreover, it is constantly improving with many great updates.

The newest version of these gadgets helps us to do online shopping at your favorite store, pay bills, and even place bets at the famous African bookmaker Elitebet.

The Elitebet apk is a very useful original app that allows the bookmaker’s clients to make bets from any place that they want. The Elitebet app downloads latest version is the best way to conveniently and quickly make deposits and place bets.

The app was designed by brilliant programmers especially for those players that wish to be up-to-date with the newest bonus offers and promotions. The Elitebet mobile app can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone devices.

Today we will tell you all the details and give instructions on how to download and use the Elitebet new free official mobile application. To get in the betting, the first step that you must take is to download the original Elitebet app on your device. There are no specific program requirements for the download, new version of the app can be installed on any device that has nice internet speed and high resolution.

So, the latest mobile app is the place where players can find the most recent game information. And believe us, that information will be very handy when you will begin placing bets or playing at the original app. Moreover, in the app, you will find the newest details about Elitebet bonus offers and another unique offer that will be available for you during the bet making process.

Remember that with the application downloaded and installed on your phone, your account will be as secure as possible. The money that you will win with app will be safe, guaranteed. Download Elitebet app and have fun.

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Detailed instructions on how to install the Elitebet app

Elitebet app

We have prepared some useful tips that you may find handy when downloading the original Elitebet app. First of all, you must have an account created at the bookmaker’s website. If you don’t have one, you should create it. It is not difficult at all.

You can do this from the official login Elitebet site, by the help of the Elitebet login mobile version or via text message. We prefer to get registered by this site and the Elitebet apk because after the registration you will get many valuable bonuses and promos that will allow you to try to win the jackpot.

The application offered by the bookmaker can be download on devices with such operating systems:

  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Android

So, now you must be wondering how to start placing bets with the latest app? Here are the steps that need to be taken in order to download Elitebet app and enjoy the world of fun and money:

  1. Create a personal account. Remember that you can only have one at the bookmaker, it is prohibited by the law to create more than one account on the app. Type in all of your personal information that is requested by the bookmaker.
  2. Begin the fun bet placing. To start with, you must send a text message to 79079 with your ID number, the game that you want to bet on and the winning team in it. And don’t forget to send the bet amount.
  3. Receive confirmation. Your bet will be considered officially placed only after you receive a confirmation from the bookmaker. Official Elitebet app download will send you a text message with that confirmation.
  4. Wait. The result won’t be ready right away; you must wait till the end of the game. You can choose you to watch the match or do nothing and just have fun with the download Elitebet apk for android.

Have you changed your mind? It’s okay, it is possible to cancel your bet with the download Elitebet App. Just write a text message with the word Cancel in it and send it to the 79079 number, along with the bet ID number. If your bet number is 7293, then you shall type in the message “cancel#7293” from the Elitebet apk.

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How to place a single bet with the Elitebet app new version

Elitebet app new version

Many of the newly registered player and betting beginners that have already completed the Elitebet login mobile wonder how to place a single bet. You will get this opportunity only after you log in to the official app. So, first of all, you should get the app on your device, sign in and look around so that you’ll be sure that everything is functioning correctly.

Now you can place a bet. The Elitebet app download gives you the possibility to easily find the football match that you want to bet on.

You can find on the Elitebet Mobile not only football match bets, but also:

  • Tennis
  • Handball
  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Polo
  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • Others

If you wish to create a single bet, all you have to do is select the team that you plan to place a bet on. You have three options: 1 X 2. The first one means that you think that the home team wins, the second indicated a draw and the last one means that you predict that the team that doesn’t play home will be the winner. You can also look at the official Elitebet apk, there is plenty for you to bet on. Download Elitebet apk for android and have fun.

Here are the steps that you must take to place a single bet with the Elitebet login mobile application:

  1. Select “Place the bet” to begin the game at the latest Elitebet app
  2. You will need to confirm your actions by clicking on the “Ok” button
  3. Confirm that you have chosen the correct match, prediction, type of the bet and number, deposit sum and bet ID.
  4. After, you will get a text message confirmation and a chance to view all your previous and current bets on the latest app.

We are very satisfied with the Elitebet mobile new version application and recommend it for you to download with the livescore file. Believe us, you will see how easy the process of bet placing will get.

Don’t waste any of your precious time and download Elitebet apk for android, go through the convenient and fast installation process and enjoy the unlimited possibilities of the Elitebet App download the latest version.Sign up and get 144 $ promo code

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