Get the Sportpesa app Kenya – How to bet on sports from your phone and win huge sums of cash


There is definitely a lot of things that you can do on your Sportpesa mobile. You can read the news, play games, watch movies, talk, send SMS, and many other things. Among that list, you can also make sports predictions with the official sportpesa app download.

This is the number one bookmaker company in Kenya that offers not only online bet placing, but also has created an app that anyone can download, register, sportpesa login mobile and make sports bets right on their phone. It doesn’t matter where you are with the sportpesa apk, it gives you the ability to place bets from any place that you want.

As you see, the official app is a very valuable feature of the Sportpesa bookmaker. Which is the reason why we chose to give you a review of it and to describe the process of installing and using the powerful feature.

First of all, you must understand how to place bets with the help of this betting company and the sportpesa apk. Any of the sports events have three choices for you. You can select 1, X, or 2. The first choice means that the team jackpot that places at home will be the winner. The second type of bets presupposes that you predict that it will be a draw. And the last one means that you place a bet on the team that plays away. Official sportpesa app download is very easy, you won’t regret it.

Sportpesa app Kenya

Secondly, now that you understand the process of placing bets, we can go to the next step, which is Sportpesa registration. After sportpesa app download close all windows, you will need to create a personal account via SMS on the official Sportpesa website, fill out the requested information and only after this you can download Sportpesa mobile app. It doesn’t matter which type of phone you use. The bookmaker’s application is available both on the sportpesa apk Android and IOS iphone after you sportpesa login mobile.

Here is a list with the steps that you need to take in order to original sportpesa app download:

  1. Send an SMS to 79079. The bonus text message must contain your Account ID, the winning result, and the amount that you place the bet with. For example, “4525#1#200”. In this case, 4525 is your Sportpesa ID number, 1 means that you predict that the home team will win, and 200 is the amount with which you chose to make the bet.
  2. You will be officially considered to be registered only after you receive a confirmation SMS from the bookmaker and sportpesa login mobile which will state the fact that you are accepted as a new client to Sportpesa. Moreover, the text message will contain the amount that you may win from your bet. The sum of the win depends greatly on the amount that you placed and on how high the odds were at the moment that you placed the bet. For example, if the odds were 2,45 and you placed a bet with the store sum 200, it means that if your prediction is correct you will win 490. The original SMS that you will receive will be as follows: You’ve placed a bet with the amount of Ksh. 200 on 1 in the Manchester – Crystal Palace game. The odd is 2,45, account ID 4525 and your possible win is Ksh. 490. Your deposit balance is Ksh 44,392.
  3. Sit back and relax. Now all that is left to do is wait for the football game to end
  4. If at any time you wish to cancel your bet, all you have to do is send a text message with “Cancel” typed in it and the number of your Sportpesa ID to the number 79079 and wait for a confirmation from the bookmaker.
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Latest Sportpesa app features

Sportpesa app download

Sportpesa is one of the best Kenya bookmakers that offers the most technologically improved betting platform. It always wants to satisfy the needs of its client, which is why the company has created an app designed both for IOS users and Android app users with latest sportpesa app Kenya options.

But, it must be noted that the original sportpesa app download is reachable only for Kenyan clients. The Android application is ideally designed to suit any kind of Android device, along with providing the top-notch experience to the clients that are dependable from mobile bet making. Download sportpesa apk for android, the Android version contains all of the features that the normal website does.

There is everything, including sports betting, live betting, virtual betting, and various casino slots. To access the bookmaker’s website from your IOS phone download sportpesa app, just open the preferred browser, go to the official website and just as simple as that you’ll have everything that you need on your phone.

The app offers to the Sportpesa clients everything that the laptop version would. It contains all betting options, markets and provides with the same convenient drop-down menu, from which you can easily access all kinds of sports, and all of the live casino slots. The bookmaker not only offers numerous sports events to bet on Sportpesa mobile app but is also filled with a wide range of other gambling products.

Here is a list of some of the best features:

  • Cashout feature. The bookmaker is committed to providing the best possible betting experience for its clients. This includes the money out feature. This option allows returning some of the money from the bet that you have already placed before the file game actually comes to an end. Not all of the bets have this option, but under the My Bet tab at the app new version, you will find all of your pending bets with this feature indicated.
  • Making bets in real-time and download sportpesa app. This option allows you to place bets live. It gives you the ability to place a couple of bets during the time that the match is live. This feature helps to keep you up to date with the recent odds. Many types of sports have this feature. The most popular ones are basketball and cricket.
  • Live streaming. For some reason, the bookmaker doesn’t have this feature. But, many players enjoy this option, which is why, maybe with time, this bookmaker will also begin to offer it. However, instead of it, Sportpesa always shows new odds and recent scores.

Don’t miss the famous Sportpesa mobile sportsbook. Sportpesa mobile can satisfy the needs of any client, as it contains almost all possible kinds of sports, such as surfing, hockey, football, cricket, and many others. Also, the betting company offers a wide range of casino slots, which were created by some of the best software developers.

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