Go through the Betyetu Login and Registration: How To Register Betyetu Online as quickly as possible


The Betyetu bookmaker is a very popular Kenyan company that provides you with a chance to win Betyetu money very quickly and without any problems.

This bookmaker has become very famous because it has a very nice feature that many bookmakers don’t – if you lose a multi bet that consisted of 5 matches, the money will be returned to your personal account. This feature attracts many players, as well as other great offers and bonuses. Get registered, log in, make a deposit and place a bet, you won’t have to wait long, the result will be right there.

If you decided that you want to become one of the premium players, you need to go through the Betyetu registration process and complete the Betyetu login my account. The Kenya Registration procedure is very simple. Just in a couple of steps you can get registered and will be able to enjoy the many possibilities offered by the bookmaker. The Betyetu company strives to be the number one bookmaker in Africa, which is why it does its best to offer the most significant bonuses and promotions for its clients.

Betyetu registration

On the official website you can find such bookmaker’s Betyetu login my account features:

  • Mega Betyetu jackpot
  • Football predictions
  • A huge variety of betting opportunities
  • Many sport types to bet on

The first step towards the million is the Betyetu login Kenya and the registration form. You can get registered at the bookmaker on its official website.

Take the following step to enjoy the unlimited options provided by Betyetu:

  • Take your mobile or any other gadget that you feel comfortable to use. The most important part of the registration procedure is to pick the right, official Betyetu registration webpage. If you chose an Android device, it is advisable to use the Google search engine, and if you have an iOS device, just use the Safari browser.
  • Click on the registration link and the newly opened page find the Register button. It will be located on the top right corner of the website alongside the Betyetu login Kenya button.
  • Follow the registration process and fill in your personal information, create a password and you’re all set, now you can go to the Betyetu Kenya login.

From your account, you will be able to place bets and cash out all of your winnings. After the registration remembers your created username and password. Now you will be able to easily and quickly place different bets and will even have a chance to win a grant jackpot. Right after the registration process, the bookmaker will give you a welcoming bonus. With it, you will be able to participate in bet placing and watch for the livescore result. Remember, if you want to check out all of the new events and matches, just go to the login page.

Also, in order to make your registration on Betyetu log in to go as smooth as possible, we have prepared a couple of useful tips:

  • Create your nickname, but write your true name and last name. If you lie when filling out the field, there may be some problems when making bets and withdrawing money, so it is best not to lie.
  • Password. Create a strong password. Any player needs to have a secure and strong password. But not everyone knows how to create one, but luckily for you, we do know how to do this. If you want your account to be secure, the password that you create must be at least 8 digits long and should contain both numbers and letters. Remember, you can’t make spaces in your betyetu kenya login password, but if you wish to separate the words or numbers in your password you can put an underscore between them. Also, if you write your real name or date of birth in the password, it will be pretty easy to guess it, which is why you must avoid writing them in the Betyetu log in password.
  • Be careful when choosing the Kenya account currency when completing the login Betyetu. Make sure that you chose the correct one.

The other way to get registered is by the help of your mobile number.

Here is how the registration with bonus will look like at the login Betyetu:

  1. Go to the Betyetu official website and type in your phone number
  2. Receive a text message from the bookmaker and confirm your phone number
  3. Tap on the Register button
  4. Wait a minute or two and you will receive a pin code (four-digit long) right on your mobile device

After the registration, the only step that keeps you from making game bets is the deposit. It is also a pretty simple process with the Mpesa pay bill system. Just send a text message with your account ID and the amount that you wish to deposit on the 850704 number.

  1. Open the Mpesa paybill system at the Safaricom website
  2. Enter the amount that you wish to deposit
  3. Type in the 850700 number
  4. Fill out the fields
  5. Enter the funds’ number
  6. Type your personal Mpesa password and press send
  7. Wait for a confirmation
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Why should you pass Betyetu registration and login

Betyetu login

Many people before actually registering think that it is a very long and difficult process. But, in Betyetu it isn’t. At the bookmaker website, you will be able to complete this procedure in a couple of minutes. And the best thing about it is that right after you complete Betyetu registration and create your account you will receive a significant team welcome bonus.

This is how you can create your personal account:

  1. Type in your first and last name
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Type your current email address
  4. Create your Betyetu login and password
  5. Create your 5 digits long PIN
  6. Type in your PIN once more
  7. Type in the log in the password once more
  8. Click on the Sing Up button.

Don’t waste any more of your time thinking whether you should get registered at Betyetu or not, just do it. And trust us, you will never regret it. The possibilities and offers that the bookmaker has to wait for you are amazing and will satisfy your needs.

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